Closing of Electronic Funfair

Posted by: | Posted on: July 22, 2017

Chung Hwa Middle School, B.S.B. hosted “Run! Electronic Funfair” for all the chinese schools in the country. The event successfully ended on the 14th. The first three winners from each category were selected.

The aims of the “Run! Electronic Funfair” organised by the Chinese Department teachers of Chung Hwa Middle School were to let participants seek enjoyment and knowledge while playing the games. This event motivated the participants to learn Chinese Language.

Each school consigned six primary students as representatives to take part in this event. They were equally divided into groups of eight. Before the game began, the participants were required to use any electric device such as iPad or smart phone to scan a QR code. The code revealed a treasure map which led the participants to the first station of the game. After they had completed the first game, they had to scan the code again to direct them to the second station.

There were six groups in total and each group consisted of eight participants. These eight students from different schools were randomly selected and formed into a group. There was a facilitator in each group. The aim of having a mixed group of students was to encourage students to work together as a team to complete a task.

After three hours of games, the team with the highest score emerged the winner. The third group won the first place, the first group won the second place and the fifth group received the third place.


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