CHMS Kindergarten Department organized a trip to the Royal Regalia

Posted by: | Posted on: August 9, 2017

In order to broaden the knowledge and understanding of our students on Bruneian tradition and culture, CHMS Kindergarten Department organized a trip to the Royal Regalia for Kindergarten 3 students.

Assistant Principal Miss Sim Man Ling and the Kindergarten teachers led this cultural visit. Under their guidance, the students visited the exhibition hall in an orderly manner. The students were in awe when they saw royal souvenirs on display, which include precious gemstones, the magnificent imperial chariot and an imitation of the royal throne. The magnanimous sights left the children astounded and they could not help but watched in excitement the grand history and culture of Brunei right before their curious yet innocent eyes.

In the quiet and elegant environment, the teacher explained the displays one by one so that the children could be educated on Bruneian history and arose their curiosity about the country’s rich culture and tradition.

The school Principal Mdm.Kho Guik Lan considered the visit to be very relevant as His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei would be celebrating his 50 years of reign as a leader of this country this year. The trip was very timely as it enriched the students’ knowledge and patriotism of the students.

▲ Group photo in front of the Royal Regalia ▲ Kindergarten kids having group photo with the teachers
▲ All the year 3 kids having a group photo in the main hall of the Royal Regalia Museum ▲ After touring the Royal Regalia Museum, the students returned to school

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