Chinese Education Teacher Asian Tour Group visits CHMS

Posted by: | Posted on: August 2, 2017

19 educators from “2017 Chinese Education Teacher Asian Tour Group” arrived in Brunei on 31 July. The group has been in Cambodia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries giving talks and trainings on teaching the Chinese language and Brunei is their final stop.

A series of training activities were conducted to CHMS Chinese Language teachers. The group was headed by Zhang Yan, Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of China Chinese Language Education Foundation; Jiang Daqing, Guangdong Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Guangdong Province; and Principal Liu Daokang of Shiqi Central Primary School. The group also consisted of the national outstanding teachers from Shiqi Central Primary School. The trip was sponsored by PERFECT (CHINA) CO., LTD.

Upon arrival, the group was warmly welcomed by Madam Kho Guik Lan, the principal of CHMS, Mr. Beh Hai Yao, Deputy Principal and Miss Sim Man Ling, Assistant Principal for Kindergarten level. The group and the principal exchanged views and educational vision in promoting Chinese Language teaching and education in the region. The school showed their sincere appreciation for the support given by the group.

The group conducted a series of training activities and educational talks to the teachers. In the morning, Teacher Huang Aizhen conducted a talk on the “Effective use of picture books in teaching” followed by Teacher Dong Chao, wherein she talked about “Teaching Ancient Poetry”.

In the afternoon, certificates presentation and group photo-taking were held at the Lecture hall before continuing the sharing session.

Principal Liu Daokang talked about “Internet and the Era of School Reformation and Development”. In his sharing, based on the actual situation of his school, he talked about adaptation and integration of information technology in the teaching and learning process; the education challenges in the new IT era and Internet & the planning of future school development planning.

Teacher Li Xueli also talked about “How to use Guoxue (Traditional Chinese Culture and Academic) to promote student classroom good practices”. Meanwhile, Teacher Tang Hongyan shared about “The power of Teamwork and Cooperation Learning”. The final session was conducted by Teacher Huang Zhiyong wherein he taught the art of “Beijing Opera Facial Mask”.

▲ (From left) Deputy Principal, Mr. Beh Hai Yao, Principal Madam Kho Guik Lan, Group Leader Jiang Liqing, and Principal Liu Daokang. ▲ Madam Kho Guik Lan, CHMS principal as she presents a memento to Madam Jiang Liqing, Chinese Education Teacher Asian Tour Group leader.
▲ CHMS admin and the visitors as they watch a video about the school’s history. ▲ Teacher Huang Aizhen as she conducts a picture book lesson to primary pupils.
▲ Madam Kho Guik Lan, CHMS Principal as she presents a certificate of appreciation to Mr.Liu Daokang, Principal of Shiqi Central Primary School ▲ A group photo of the school admin with the course speakers.
▲ A group photo of the school admin with the guests
▲ Principal Liu Daokang as he presents his talk ▲ Teacher Tang Hongyan as she shares about “The power of Teamwork and Cooperation Learning”.
▲ CHMS Teachers as they learn the art of Chinese Opera Mask. ▲ A group photo after the final session of the art lesson.

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