Principal’s Message



Last year, Chung Hwa students hogged the limelight with their outstanding academic and curricular performance. Their achievements embody the effectiveness of the school and its effort to contribute to the betterment of the National Education System in Brunei Darussalam.


In other words, the school is indeed proud with its students who have actively participated in a series of national and international activities, enhancing the school’s reputation as one of the leading educational institutions in Brunei.


Acknowledging the fact that the only constant in life is change and it propels us for continuous enhancements, the school always outdoes itself with more education reforms and upgrades. This year, Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB achieved important milestones, encompassing hardware, software development, pervasive use of ICT (Information and communications technology) in learning and the implementation of contemporary pedagogies. For instance, the school has employed multiple means of representations, expressions and engagements to trigger ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated learning amongst our students. Moreover, the school will do its level best to help Brunei realise its 2035 National Vision by meeting the most stringent requirements for a preferred school that provides all the necessary materials to groom well-rounded talent. Such effort also echoes the school mission to provide an education with equal emphasis on the learning of the Chinese, English and Malay languages in accordance with the social and national needs of the country. In order to make this into a reality, the school is working closely with many renowned multinational corporations and have received numerous accolades. One glaring example is that the school was awarded as the first Microsoft Showcase School in Brunei in 2014. This year, the school was honoured to be awarded consecutively as the Microsoft Showcase School. The awards reflect the leading position of the school in teaching and learning via ICT tools.


The school is always at the forefront of contemporary pedagogies, integrating ICT in every facet of teaching and learning. In this respect, the whole school is now covered by strong Wi-Fi coverage, making contemporary pedagogies such as distance learning and flipped classrooms possible. Such efforts are paying off as Chung Hwa students can transcend time and geographical limitations by learning anywhere, anytime enthusiastically using different learning means.


Breakthroughs in technology also facilitates a new pedagogy called “Flipped Classrooms”. Empowering students the freedom to consume lecture materials at their own pace with different platforms, “Flipped Classrooms” will be adapted to replace the dull “chalk and talk” teaching, paving a solid foundation for students to improve their performance by leaps and bounds. The school has also been making rapid headway and distinguished itself through high quality and effective learning tools. It is firmly believed that our students will be head and shoulders above others under such innovative and effective environment where different learning stimulus are given through a multitude of ICT applications.


Amidst the reforms, the school intends to use emerging technologies to engage students and enhance their success in the pursuit of excellence. Teenagers nowadays face great challenges in the current society where hedonism and materialism slowly erode their moral values. Therefore, the school serves as a stronghold to safeguard and instil into students the much-treasured moral values as the essence of culture. Concurrently, the school also uses advanced technologies to stay connected with students so their potential as creative and innovative learners can be fully tapped. In other words, the school aims to produce law-abiding, righteous, aspiring graduates who will reshape the future of the country.


Lastly, Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB intends to teach its students to learn by creating curiosity so they will pursue learning as long as they live. The school also believes in the importance of oriental culture and values because “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil”




Kho Guik Lan


Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB