Kindergarten in Brief: 

The Chung Hwa Middle School Kindergarten programme aims to introduce pre-schoolers to learning in an environment of fun and play. In working at providing them with a strong foundation that will allow for their smooth transition to primary education, the programme covers five main syllabus areas as follows:Health, Language, Social Studies, Science and Arts.

The goals of the Kindergarten program are for the children to:

  • -develop confidence in themselves;

  • -demonstrate and enhance their curiosity;

  • -develop the ability to focus their attention;

  • -develop psycho-motor skills;

  • -acquire communication skills so that they are able to express themselves in words and actions;

  • -acquire social skills to enable them to relate to other children and to adults and to be able to work in a group;

  • -develop their love for learning and enhance their ability to learn.

The Kindergarten section is equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities such as AVA room, PE room, Activity room, Science laboratory, Library, Computer rooms and playgrounds



Education Approach – We comply with the following three principles:

  • 1. We believe that each and every child is an independent developing individual.

  • 2. Children should be the main focus of any activity.

  • 3. Teachers should respect the children’s rights and personality.

The kindergarten operation is based on the UN’s Modern Education Theories of

  • -Learning to know

  • -Learning to do

  • -Learning to live together

  • -Learning to be


Children aged 3 to 6 are welcomed to apply. Requirements for admission are: 3 passport size photos and a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate and passport and a photocopy of the parent’s identity card and passport. The original copies of these documents must also be presented upon application for authentication. 


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